You may want to be much more cautious where you put that ATM card. There are now ATM skimmers with SMS notification. ATM skimmers are put over genuine ATM slots as well as the info off the cards as they’re inserted. The new models will send the skimmed info through SMS notifications to a phone that’s attached to a computer. This solves the issue of scammers needing to retrieve their skimmers without attracting the interest of police. ATM skimmer makers have so far been truly successful since of their commitment to security, from the paint they utilize to cover their skimmers to their special clientele. The producer of this specific design claims that none of their clients who’ve utilized this new ATM skimmer has been arrested, as well as they only accept company from “recommended” clients. We believe it’s fascinating as well as ironic exactly how these criminals have adapted their safety and security procedures to offer with institutions we desire were much more secure.

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